Vikram Singh,
Electronic Arts

We affectionately call ourselves a 40-year-old startup.”
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How Electronic Arts is Creating Content for the Future

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EA is faced with a unique challenge among other content creators: making interactive video-first content to keep up with humans' shrinking attention spans. Fun fact: it takes EA 300 hours of development to create 30 seconds of "capture" on video. But behind every video game launch, there's a system at work: EA's Vikram Singh shares how EA unites people and process to orchestrate video game launches.
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Vikram Singh, Sr. Director PMO (Marketing) at Electronic Arts has spent the past two years at the company, where he leads program management for the marketing function. Previously, Vikram led Reebok’s Marketing Operations and Business Solutions division, where he oversaw end-to-end product and marketing business procedures, and go-to-market activities.