Erin Griffith,

Tim Hwang,

When you understand where a standard comes from you can understand the phenomenon that gets built on top of it.”
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Why Standards Matter

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Tim Hwang, co-author of “The Container Guide,” talks about the power of global standards to mold the world.
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Erin Griffith writes about technology, startups, and venture capital, primarily for Fortune. Her work is featured in the magazine and on,, and She has a video show called Tech Debate and occasionally appears on Fortune’s weekly live show, Fortune Live. She writes a monthly column for the Los Angeles Times and publishes a weekly newsletter for fun. Prior to joining Fortune, Erin wrote about startups for Pando, a Silicon Valley site where she was the second hire. She also reported on technology and digital media as a staff writer at Adweek.

Tim Hwang is the co-author of “The Container Guide,” a field guide to shipping containers and the integrated logistics companies that operate
them. He is also the director of the Infrastructure Observatory, a community devoted to exploring and celebrating the infrastructural landscape.