Karl Meinhardt,

When you start looking at campaigns we run on a regular basis, we have massive numbers of creative that will run at different days. Percolate helps us fire on time, and on market.”
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Percolate Success Story: Albertsons

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Karl Meinhardt, VP Social & Digital Marketing at American grocery company Albertsons, talks about how Percolate helps Albertsons with every stage of the campaign process, enabling them to “get [content] lined up so we can fire on time, on target on every channel.”

About the speaker:

Karl initially was hired at Albertsons in 1996 to develop the company’s strategy for online shopping, an endeavor which he led for three years. He then spent 10 years establishing new start-ups in food service, athletic biomechanics measurement, and interactive social gaming. He returned to Albertsons in 2011 as a consultant to build their social and digital strategies. Since officially joining the company and establishing the department, the Social and Digital Marketing team programs have received critical acclaim, most recently being awarded the prestigious Progressive Grocer Technology Innovation Award in the Online category.