James Gross,

Paul Speaker,
World Surf League

We live in a global economy. Brands are growing without geographic boundaries, and need to mature to deal with those opportunities.”
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Sports in Transition

About the video:
Watch World Surf League CEO Paul Speaker in conversation with James Gross. “I think if the NFL knew then what it knows now, they’d have invested in NFL channels earlier,” he says. His message is clear: surfing is a sport made for digital and social, and the WSL is on a mission to deliver a sport that is “completely embedded in a lifestyle and culture,” one that is “becoming available for the first time en masse.”
About the speakers:

James Gross is Co-Founder and Executive Vice-President of Sales at Percolate. James also enjoys running, and wants to build both the world’s greatest software company and surf team.

Paul Speaker is co-owner and CEO of the World Surf League (WSL). Speaker was named CEO after leading the acquisition of the Association of Surfing Professionals, which became the World Surf League in 2013. He brings to the WSL a deep expertise in sports and entertainment, having spent his career working with film studios, sports leagues and other entertainment companies. Under his leadership, the WSL has made significant enhancements across all areas of surfing, ranging from broadcast to social media and event production to athlete development, which has led to a dramatic increase in fan engagement and corporate partnerships. Prior to leading the WSL, Speaker served as President of Time Inc. Studios, a dedicated in-house digital studio launched by Time Inc.