Noah Brier,

The challenge with transitions is that it's really hard to see them.”
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Brands in Transition

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Percolate Co-Founder and CEO Noah Brier discusses why global transitions are important periods for brands. In 1975, you could reach 75% of America through 14 networks and 3 magazines. Change is measured by increasing magnitude: today, the change is the channel explosion we're seeing. Percolate began based on three insights: 1) demand for marketing is growing exponentially, 2) budgets aren't growing in proportion with that, and 3) marketers' time goes toward planning and creating content rather than distributing it.
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Noah Brier is co-founder and CTO of Percolate, a technology company building The System of Record for Marketing. Prior to founding Percolate, Noah spent his career in and around the marketing industry as a copywriter, strategist, and creative director. He has been named to Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, a “social media innovator” by BusinessWeek, and sits on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on social media.