Ryan Lauder,

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Making Your Digital Transformation Customer-Centric

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How does a leading sports brand keep up with an always-on audience? By turning its content operations into an in-house newsroom. At Transition 2017, Ryan Lauder shared the strategic thinking behind building a traditional media house within TaylorMade. He discussed how his team collects content during live events and turns it into engaging stories and how they share content with regional teams around the world.
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Ryan Lauder has worked in the sports marketing arena with TaylorMade for a number of years at both the HQ in Carlsbad, CA as well as at their European offices in London. Originally from the agency world, Ryan started in product marketing at TaylorMade and then transferred into the general marketing and communications space. After running marketing for TaylorMade EMEA, Ryan transferred to the global HQ to drive its Digital Strategy and Transformation, as well as oversee its newsroom and content strategy.