Lance Martin,

CRISPR is to DNA what the Model T was to auto production. It's the first way to mass-edit DNA.”
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An Interview on CRISPR and the Promise of Gene Editing

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Watch an exclusive backstage interview with Lance Martin, Data Science Project Lead at Uber, as he discusses CRISPR, the new genome editing tool. He covers how it allows scientists to edit and engineer genomes more precisely than ever before and what implications this has for the world.
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Lance Martin received a PhD at Stanford focused on genomics and machine learning. His work applying high-throughput DNA sequencing data to understand viruses and cancer disease networks has been published in leading scientific journals, including Nature and PNAS. He co-developed and patented a universal blood test for infectious disease which is now being commercialized. He is also a data science project lead at Uber on the intelligent dispatch team, which develops the science and services for pairing of riders and drivers globally.