Jennifer Sey,

Fans will do the work for you if you give them the opportunity to tell their own stories.”
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Building Brands That Last

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Jennifer Sey, CMO of Levi’s, tells us how to build a brand through storytelling. No matter what you sell, you should create the conditions where people can form a bond with your brand. “People might wear other jeans, but they live in Levi’s,” Sey says. “Our mission is to capture these stories every day, and create the conditions where fans can create new ones.”
About the speaker:

Jennifer Sey has been with Levi’s & Co. for over 16 years, holding a variety of leadership positions within the Marketing, Strategy, and Ecommerce teams. In 2013, Sey became the Global Chief Marketing Officer for the Levi’s® Brand. Twenty years ago, she began her career at an advertising agency, Foote Cone and Belding, where she worked on a variety of brands including Levi’s®. She went on to become the advertising manager at Banana Republic before landing at Levi Strauss & Co in 1999.