Colleen Scollans,
Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Academic Division.

Zach Haehn,

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Innovation Through Complexity: A Discussion with Colleen Scollans of Oxford University Press

About the video:
Imagine having to target 50k+ titles and millions of pieces of new research targeted to highly specialized users? That’s the challenge the marketing team at Oxford University Press, the world’s largest university press, faces each day. Join their Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Scollans, and Percolate’s Vice President of Engineering, Zach Haehn, for a discussion of the transformation strategy that has made Oxford University Press one of the most innovative organizations in its industry. From establishing the publishing industry's first blog, to creating a 360º view of their customer, learn about the vision and tactics that have kept Oxford University Press a pioneer in an increasingly complex landscape.
About the speakers:

Colleen is the Chief Marketing Officer for Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Academic Division. Based in New York, Colleen leads over 250 global marketing professionals around the world, and is responsible for Marketing & Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, and Business Intelligence. For the last 13 years, Colleen has been leading OUP’s marketing transformation. Prior to OUP, she has held senior roles in Marketing, Product Management, and Sales in various industries. Colleen is passionate about helping brands develop authentic integrated relationships with their customers and using content, data and analytics to improve organizational performance and customer experience.

Zach Haehn is Vice President of Engineering at Percolate. Prior to joining Percolate, he spent 15 years at Bloomberg, building out the company’s global product offering.

Most recently he led Bloomberg’s San Francisco R&D office, where he managed the development of the brand’s emerging software products. Zach earned his Bachelor’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and lives in New York.