Sander Ruitenberg,

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How to Future Proof Your Brand in the Age of Hyper-Personalization

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Today, consumers are inundated with content from all sides, raising the bar for how brands must produce and deliver impactful messages and experiences to their audiences. However, future-proofing your brand for the inevitable must begin with transforming your connection with the customer. At Transition, Worldwide Head of Digital Solutions for Immunology, Hepatology, & Dermatology at Novartis, Sander Ruitenberg, will share the frameworks, strategies, and technologies that his team is implementing to execute personalized customer engagement on a global scale.
About the speaker:

Sander Ruitenberg is the Worldwide Head of Digital Solutions for Immunology, Hepatology & Dermatology at Novartis, responsible for defining how social media and digital communications, innovative digital technologies, and multichannel approaches, can enable stronger communities, drive program innovation, and improve customer engagement. Within his work there is a strong focus on connecting technology to business priorities and customer needs. Since joining Novartis as Worldwide Brand Director in 2013, Sander successfully led the launch of a treatment for chronic urticaria, coordinated the ‘Skin to Live in’ program ( and recently launched Alia, a Facebook Messenger chatbot, across 3 social media programs. Sander has a Master’s Degree in Medicine from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam Netherlands.