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September 20, 2018 | Convene - 237 Park Avenue | 11:00 am

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What's Next For Marketing? Discover The Answers at Transition NYC 2018

Transition New York is an annual conference which brings together marketing, technology and business leaders from around the world. Our mission is to examine the increasingly important role marketing plays within companies and the lives of consumers. We bring together leading experts in business, marketing and technology to share their strategies through inspiring keynotes, informative demos, collaborative workshops, networking and insightful interviews.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

11:00 a.m.

Lunch and Registration

12:00 p.m.

Welcome to Transition

Randy Wootton

Chief Executive Officer at Percolate

12:15 p.m.

The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing is here, and it's not what you may be expecting. Follow along with Mathew Sweezey, marketing futurist and Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce as he shares with you the secrets of breaking through to the modern buyer. Showing you why our old models of PR are failing, and why participation is now more powerful than publication, the new world of automation 2.0, the need rise of the CXO, and the reason your brand must adopt a new idea of marketing to break through. The fast pace and electric presentation will give you the insights you need to set a better course for your brand and truly break through to the modern consumers.

Mathew Sweezey

Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce

12:45 p.m.

Content Marketing 2.0 - Solving Marketing’s Biggest Bottleneck

Content is where experience begins, but it is also the bottleneck for brands looking to create a more impactful and performant experience. Percolate CTO and co-founder, Noah Brier, will walk the audience through ways to orchestrate a better experience and clear the content bottleneck.

Noah Brier

Chief Technology Officer at Percolate

1:15 p.m.

Networking Break

1:45 p.m.

Breakout Session #1 - How to Build Processes that Scale Content Marketing

Over the last two years, Percolate has hosted a global series of forums focused on helping marketers build processes that scale content marketing, with leaders from major brands across industries joining us to share insights and learn from one another. We’re bringing this unique format to Transition. As a group we’ll discuss strategies and concepts for cross-channel planning, tactics for managing marketing processes, methods for aligning the right content with the right audience, and models for better understanding of marketing planning. You’ll leave confident and prepared to create effective, coordinated, and impactful marketing across channels by the end of this session.

Ron Whitson

Director of Solution Consulting at Percolate

1:45 p.m.

Breakout Session #2 - Frameworks for Successful Marketing Technology Adoption

Today marketers at enterprise brands are investing in more and more software solutions to solve their organizational and business challenges. But many companies are not adequately prepared to manage the process of adopting new technologies. Join Percolate’s VP of Global Services, Arjun Devgan, as he shares key learnings from his team’s experience working on hundreds of enterprise deployments of Percolate. This interactive session will introduce you to a new five-step framework that will help make any enterprise software roll out successful.

Arjun Devgan

VP Global Services at Percolate

1:45 p.m.

Breakout Session #3 - Redefining ROI: Bringing Operations into the Upstream Tech Stack

Marketing operations has traditionally been responsible for reporting on the effectiveness of marketing activations and managing the downstream systems that serve content to your target audience. But in reality, distribution and performance are only half of the ROI story. Join Percolate’s Prateek Reddy for an interactive breakout on how to redefine what true ROI means for your organization by including marketing operations in the upstream discussion. Through exercises, frameworks, and Q&A with industry leaders, this session will give you a deeper understanding of how upstream optimization can impact ROI and an actionable path forward for driving value across your content.

Prateek Reddy

Implementation Manager at Percolate

Jessica Taylor

Director, Marketing Integration & Operations at Atlanta Hawks

2:25 p.m.

Networking Break

3:00 p.m.

Capital Group: Making Music, Not Noise

What do you do when you have an amazing brand story, but no coordinated strategy for how to tell it? How do you convince teams to focus on a larger message when they're used to doing things their own way? Even as we segment our audiences to deliver customized content, we must find ways to be consistent across all experiences. And at Capital Group, it's been a journey to find that balance. Whitney Kisling, chief of staff for brand and creative at Capital, shares how that journey started and the lessons learned along the way. From realizing the issue to building a strategy and discovering all the challenges that come with changing an 86-year-old organization.

Attendees will walk away from this session with:

1. A five-step approach for bringing unification to a decentralized organization.

2. An understanding of the key factors to consider when introducing change to your teams.

3. Examples from Capital Group on how they weighed the dueling forces of autonomy and consistency.

Whitney Kisling

Chief of Staff - Brand & Creative at Capital Group

3:20 p.m.

How to Build a Business Case for Martech: Lessons from Eaton’s Transformation

Zari Venhaus

Director of Corporate Marketing Communications at Eaton

Noah Brier

Chief Technology Officer at Percolate

3:40 p.m.

Driving Change: How a Legendary Brand Continues to Evolve

How do you drive change in an organization known for contrarian culture and 150-year heritage? How about on a global scale across a portfolio of iconic brands? That’s the challenge facing the team at Pabst Brewing Company as they embark on a total transformation of their marketing operations. From rebuilding their technology stack to rethinking their processes, Director of Marketing Technology Jillian Davis shares learnings and best practices for driving change both inside Percolate and out.

Attendees will walk away from this session with: Best practices for leading a digital transformation at a culture-driven organization
Frameworks for evaluating software to solve for challenges with content quality, quantity, and coordination
Examples from Pabst Brewing Company on how they are changing ways of working and increasing marketing impact across teams, projects, regions

Jillian Davis

Director of Marketing Technology at Pabst Brewing Company

4:00 p.m.

Networking Break

4:15 p.m.

Innovation Through Complexity: A Discussion with Colleen Scollans of Oxford University Press

Imagine having to target 50k+ titles and millions of pieces of new research targeted to highly specialized users? That’s the challenge the marketing team at Oxford University Press, the world’s largest university press, faces each day. Join their Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Scollans, and Percolate’s Vice President of Engineering, Zach Haehn, for a discussion of the transformation strategy that has made Oxford University Press one of the most innovative organizations in its industry. From establishing the publishing industry's first blog, to creating a 360º view of their customer, learn about the vision and tactics that have kept Oxford University Press a pioneer in an increasingly complex landscape.

Colleen Scollans

Chief Marketing Officer at Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Academic Division.

Zach Haehn

Vice President of Engineering at Percolate

4:45 p.m.

Marketing’s Holy Grail: Powering Effective Personalization Through Content Strategy

As marketing technology explodes (anyone seen Scott Brinker’s eye chart lately?), the opportunities for personalization expand proportionately. Customers increasingly want and expect companies to tailor offerings to their needs, whether that’s smart fitness class recommendations from Peloton or tailored retirement counsel from Fidelity. That’s the grail: but how do we get there? The right martech stack is a big part of the answer, but so is content. What is the content strategy required for the modern marketing organization in a world that spans PDF and AI? In this session, we’ll talk about proposed organizational structures, skill sets, brand voice, and even the ethical underpinnings of your enterprise’s content approach.

Perry Hewitt

Senior Advisor, Engagement Strategy at Lincoln Center

Jen Reddy

Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Percolate

5:15 p.m.

Creating Lifelong Relationships With Customers Through Content

Content marketing is about emotions. Today, more than ever before, people want to feel like you care about them. The world is louder and noisier, any kind of information can be found in milliseconds, and attention is our most valuable resource. Brands that create meaningful connections with customers with content, curate lifetime relationships and ultimately win. Randy and Margaret discuss how companies can create content strategies that create meaningful relationships and increase brand awareness.

Randy Wootton

Chief Executive Officer at Percolate

Margaret Molloy

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Siegel+Gale & Creator of WearingIrish

5:45 p.m.

Customer Awards & Closing Remarks

Randy Wootton

Chief Executive Officer at Percolate

6:00 p.m.

Happy Hour


Learn @ Transition

8:30 a.m.

Strategies for Upgrading to Percolate Next

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Percolate’s content management capabilities? In this session, we will walk through the upgrade process and will explain key considerations and best practices for ensuring a seamless transition to Next. You’ll learn which features can be tested in advance of your upgrade and which features should be optimized post-upgrade to ensure better user adoption. Finally, you’ll learn what resources are available to help you prepare, plan, and execute your upgrade to Next. You’ll leave confident and prepared to make the transition to Next.

Prateek Reddy

Implementation Manager at Percolate

9:30 a.m.

Crafting Content: plan, design and collaborate on the content that will help your brand succeed

In this session we’ll focus on how to to standardize content production and ensure deliverables meet their deadlines. We’ll discuss common content production workflows and how to unblock bottlenecks across social, blog posts, whitepapers and more. We’ll help you systematize and track the key milestones of your content development process, and ensure that everyone’s working together to increase your content output.

Emily Laskodi

Senior Education Manager at Percolate

Alex Blackman

Senior Knowledge Manager at Percolate

10:30 a.m.

Campaign Planning from Ideation to Execution: using templates and workflows to systemize your brand’s processes

This session will focus on how your brand can optimize Percolate campaigns. From designing templates for events and product launches, to designating campaign phases to show your pre-launch campaign planning and approval milestones on the calendar. This session will teach you how to model complex campaign relationships that span teams, channels, products, or geographies as an integrated campaign and how to save and share calendar views with your team.

Alex Blackman

Senior Knowledge Manager at Percolate

Emily Laskodi

Senior Education Manager at Percolate

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Convene - 237 Park Avenue

Park Avenue Atrium
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
(Entrance is on Lexington Avenue between 45th and 46th Street)

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About Transition

Transition is Percolate’s annual conference. Now in its fifth year, Transition brings together marketing, technology and business leaders from around the world. Join us as we spend an exciting day examining the increasingly important role marketing is playing across the customer journey. Every year Transition features inspiring keynotes, informative demos, creative breakouts, networking opportunities and insightful interviews with visionaries and changemakers shaping the future of business, technology and marketing Former speakers include: Keith Weed , Beth Comstock, Raja Rajamannar, and more.

Find new perspective.

Watch inspiring presentations, insightful interviews, join workshops, see hands-on demos and learn how the world’s leading brands are taking their marketing beyond 2020.

Connect with likeminded people.

At Transition we believe networking is almost as important as the content. Take the opportunity to forge new relationships with thought leaders as well as connect with your peers.

More than just talks.

More than just the leading Content Marketing Platform, Percolate is committed to your success. Take away new ideas by joining innovative breakouts led by industry experts and get hands-on with Percolate in our Demo Lab.


Who should attend?

Each year Transition welcomes business leaders from around the world. If you are passionate about the future of marketing, Transition is for you. Attendance and participation at Transition can especially benefit:

  • Marketing Leaders - CMO, SVP Marketing, Directors
  • Public Relations and Communications teams
  • Content Marketing teams
  • Marketing IT/Marketing Operations Professionals

Why attend?

For marketers and marketing technologists, Transition New York is unmissable. Over the last five years we have shared a vision that marketing is in a constant state of transition and success can only be achieved by consistently looking towards what’s next. Attendees always leave enlightened, empowered and prepared for the future of marketing in the era of digital change..

What will I learn at the event?

Transition New York is the only marketing technology event that combines inspiring presentations and insightful interviews from marketing’s leading change makers, hands-on sessions, workshops and breakouts that will empower your marketing teams with the tools to be successful

Carefully curated, Transition is laser focused on maximizing your valuable time with sessions and breakouts on cutting edge topics such as digital transformation, content bottlenecks, marketing orchestration, technology and consumer engagement.

Who’s speaking?

Over the last five years Transition has welcomed some of marketing's most influential leaders. Marketing leaders that include Keith Weed, Beth Comstock, Raja Rajamannar, and more have exclusively shared their recipes for successful marketing in the era of digital change at Transition.

I'll be traveling to attend Transition. Is there a hotel you recommend?

Transition will be held in a city full of hotel options to meet your travel and budget needs. click here to see a few hotels close near the event venue.