Jillian Davis,
Pabst Brewing Company

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Driving Change: How a Legendary Brand Continues to Evolve

About the video:
How do you drive change in an organization known for contrarian culture and 150-year heritage? How about on a global scale across a portfolio of iconic brands? That’s the challenge facing the team at Pabst Brewing Company as they embark on a total transformation of their marketing operations. From rebuilding their technology stack to rethinking their processes, Director of Marketing Technology Jillian Davis shares learnings and best practices for driving change both inside Percolate and out.
About the speaker:

Jillian Davis is the Director of Marketing Technology at Pabst Brewing Company. In her role, Jillian is responsible for leading Pabst’s digital transformation effort across dozens of iconic brands. From building and optimizing the company’s marketing technology stack to helping the organization drive efficiencies at scale, Jillian is helping Pabst bring over 150 years of brand heritage into the 21st century.