Whitney Kisling,
Capital Group

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Capital Group: Making Music, Not Noise

About the video:
What do you do when you have an amazing brand story, but no coordinated strategy for how to tell it? How do you convince teams to focus on a larger message when they're used to doing things their own way? Even as we segment our audiences to deliver customized content, we must find ways to be consistent across all experiences. And at Capital Group, it's been a journey to find that balance. Whitney Kisling, chief of staff for brand and creative at Capital, shares how that journey started and the lessons learned along the way. From realizing the issue to building a strategy and discovering all the challenges that come with changing an 86-year-old organization.
About the speaker:

Whitney Kisling is the Chief of Staff – Brand & Creative at Capital Group. Whitney manages key marketing projects for the brand and creative teams. She is also responsible for creative agency management and overseeing Capital’s editorial agenda and communications plan. Whitney serves as project manager for the company’s program launch and previously served as managing editor for Capital’s thought-leadership blog, Capital Ideas.