Lee Nelson,
DHL Express

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B2B to B2C and Beyond: Lessons from DHL’s Transformation

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What happens when a global B2B brand has to transform overnight to meet the changing demands of the market? How do you change company-wide operational processes to adapt to new buying cycles and tactics? And, how do you reverse 50 years of ingrained processes and thinking on a global scale? These are the challenges faced by DHL Express, with the rise of e-commerce. At Transition, Lee Nelson, Global Head of Digital Marketing & Communications at DHL discusses how the company is driving this transformation – the lessons learned across platforms, people and processes, and the new models needed for brands to adapt in a consumer-focused future.
About the speaker:

Lee Nelson is head of digital marketing and communications at DHL Express, the world’s leading logistics company. A native of South Africa, Lee cut her marketing teeth at Red Bull, before spending time in various South African advertising agencies, working on clients including Unilever, Adidas and Volkswagen. Upon joining DHL, she looked after all marketing, communications and retail advertising for the company across Sub-Saharan Africa, representing the brand in 52 markets across that region. Relocated to DHL’s Global Head Office in Bonn in 2012, she now leads the development of digital marketing programs for over 220 markets across the globe, enacting digital transformation in the organization.